You Deserve…

Dr. Peter NaydenovWelcome, dear friend!

My name is Peter. I am your guide to your better life. The life you deserve and the life you could have. It’s your life, and it’s up to you. You can make it a dream… or a mess.

I am from Bulgaria. You know, my country is not the wealthiest member of EU. And, there are problems in it. I guess, in your life as well. But this is not the point. Wherever there are people, there are and will be problems.

The point is, before I knew what I know now, I used to work (as a pediatrician) for 200 Euro a month, I was living in my parent’s flat (actualy, we were 7 people from 4 generation in 3 rooms – my grandpa, my father, my mother, me, my wife, and our 2 children). And I was short of money, short of time, and with many problems, including psoriasis. I was then 37, and life was hard.

Then I started my AquaSource thing – I wouldn’t call it a business then. Within 6 months I was earning 1000 Euro a month. Then some 18 months I was back to 200, and during this time I was learning the profession of network marketing. Then within the next 18 months my income increased to 5 000, then 7 000, then 10 000 euro a month and life became much better.

Since then I have helped several people to build a solid network and to earn some 2000, 3000, even 5000 Euro a month. It’s not about the money only, though. It’s more about the people and the things you learn in the process. I learned that you need to think in a certain way in order to achieve your goals, and you have to be persistent and to focus on your goals. And, most importantt, to become a leader.

So yes, I have become a leader. In the sense of a guide, a helper, a person who helps others to reveal their potential. I like to do this as I see people who newer thought they can achieve and deliver so much to find a new self-confidence, to start dreaming and acheving their dreams. And, most important, to live a better life and to become an example for their children.

So are you one of those people who feel that they deserve more in life? If yes, you are right. My task is to help you find the way to your better life sooner and easier. Yes, you can do it, if you decide so. The formula is simple: you find 2 hours a day, you invest in learning a couple of skills, we work together as a team and then you “pay it forward” – this means, when you start to earn 2000, 5000 or 10000 Euro a month, you help some other people do the same.

In this way, the world will indeed become a better place. Because I know how difficult it was for me and my childrem when I was struggling financially. And I know how good it feels when you can afford some very nice and exensive things for you and your family. Not that I am a millionaire, although I have earned more than 1,5 Million Euro from my AquaSource business. But for the last 10-15 years I almost never was short of money, I provide good for my family, and we live well.

You can, too. It’s up to you. Whenever you’re ready, I am, too. Let us do it. You deserve to have the best life possible. And, because I went all that way, I know how to guide you so that you go faster, easier and achieve my results sooner. The rest is up to you. The sky is the limit.

Welcome to your better life. In 3-5 years you could be completely free, with a nice income, and working from wherever you want to live. For example, I write this from the Netherlands. Next week I’ll be in Bulgaria, then in Macedonia, then in Croatia. But if I want, I can take a cruise, too. Because I know the formula. It works, and it can work for you, too.

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